Star Trek: Into Darkness, a review

Star-Trek-Into-Darkness-ImageAfter the striking success of 2009’s ‘Star Trek’, it is unfortunate that this is a film destined to follow Hollywood clichés. The protagonist, Captain Kirk, is a womanising bad boy who refuses to play by the rules (sigh). This character archetype emphasises the film’s fatal flaw; a distinct lack of risks. While tertiary characters may die, and tensions between factions may be provoked, the film dares not make any decisions of significance which ultimately leaves the viewer feeling unsatisfied. The film’s unwelcome resolutions barely avoid the label of deus ex machina by briefly foreshadowing the solutions, having all the well thought out plausibility of a children’s cartoon.

This is not to say I didn’t enjoy the film, as it’s flurry of action scenes manages to be surprisingly funny, bombastic and entertaining throughout. The consistently well realised atmosphere competently satisfies the Star Trek itch. With the budget and expectations of blockbusters such as this you cannot blame J. J. Abrams for making the film he is supposed to. In turn he cannot blame us for being disappointed by the distinct lack of risks taken. I can only have faith that more directors aspire to the achievement of the Dark Knight trilogy, a pairing of not only big budget but creative freedom. Lets hope this isn’t an indication of an incoming by-numbers Star Wars trilogy.

3/5 – Good
A film crafted to be purely entertaining, the problems with this fun ride lie in it being uninspired and ultimately unengaging, only just missing out on 4/5 due to its reluctance to take chances and stand out. 


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